The Tea House

Japanese Tea House

The old Mizuya Chaya tea house in Nara Park, Nara, Japan

The old Mizuya Chaya tea house is one of the most beautiful spots in Nara Park, and I’m lucky enough to pass it every weekend on my morning run. The website is here.

It opened in 1948 and nestles amongst the trees between Kasuga Grand Shrine and Wakakusa Hill. For a long time, I’d thought about the possibility of getting a photo of it, but when the sun was shining, it didn’t seem to create the right atmosphere. I decided to give it a try when the weather was not so good and I think it works much better. This was taken on a very hot and humid rainy day in July 2014. Even on a day like that, it is very popular with tourists, so I had to take several different frames with tourists in different places and then blend them together with layer masks to remove them from the finished shot. It’s a technique I learned from a very good post over on Jimmy McIntyre’s excellent website. Link here.

This was taken with a Sony a6000 and the kit lens that came with the camera (E 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS) at a focal length of 16mm. Exposure was 0.5 seconds at f13.

I hope the finished photo captures the magical quality of this really gorgeous spot.