Tower Traffic

Tower Bridge London

I love Tower Bridge. Since visiting as a child, I’ve always been attracted to the combination of the Victorian engineering and Gothic style. At night, it becomes quite magical, although it’s such an icon, it’s hard to find something original to photograph. I decided to try to get a sense of the amazing lines of the bridge, and wondered if capturing the lights of the traffic might add something to it. A passing London bus added a few more interesting red lights…



One of the most beautiful buildings in London, and free to enter! The view from the top floor of the Natural History Museum is amazing. It was very busy when I visited on a Sunday afternoon, but I set up the camera and took a series of photos over around 5 minutes. Then I layered them and blended them selectively. From each frame, I used the section of the stairs that had no people in it. After doing that for each frame, I was able to slowly remove all the people from the stairs and the ground floor. Each frame was exposed at f22 and 1/3 of a second, at 100 ISO. Because of the longer shutter speed, I used the timer and my new Manfrotto Pocket Tripod.
Absolutely great, as the Museum doesn’t allow tripods…